The Noahic Flood

This book (containing questions with each chapter) is equally valuable in personal study or class situations. In at least one instance, this book has been substituted for the proverbial apple in its being given to a teacher--a geology professor in a state university; how much benefit could come by making it available to all those who feel there is no alternative to teaching "Uniformitarianism"! ?Do you believe the earth is flat? Do you believe 'the flood' was local rather than universal? Do you believe the days of creation were eons long? These and other products of ?science falsely so-called? (1 Tim. 6:20) are expertly and Biblically answered in The Noahic Flood by Curtis A. Cates, Ed.D. Brother Cates is thorough in refuting the false theories regarding the Noahic flood. The simplicity with which he quenches the 'fiery darts' of atheistic opposition to Biblical fact is overwhelming. I heartily recommend this book for use in every teaching situation dealing with the authenticity of Genesis 1-11. A study and understanding of this book is a must for every Christian"--Eddie Whitten (Bedford, TX)
The Noahic Flood
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