Overview of Christian Evidences #2 Electronic Edition

This electronic edition chart serves as another handy introduction to the field of apologetics and is suitable for inclusion in a student's three-ring binder. It focuses upon the battle between doctrines regarding Christian evidences. Whereas the focus of the first chart was actually creation, the focus of the second is primarily, but not only, the flood. The chart contains a timeline of flood events, a number of evidences for the actuality of the flood, a consideration of extra-Biblical creation and flood traditions, and a word study of flood terminology. The chart goes on to introduce the field of geology, to offer two reasons for the aged appearance of the earth, and to discuss fossils and dating methods. There are also some questions parents can ask their children. On the chart, Mount St. Helens is given as evidence of sudden catastrophism. The chart also introduces the subject of dinosaurs and dragons—and the identification of Job’s Behemoth and Leviathan. Finally, a review of the Scopes “Monkey” Trial helps the reader to see why the 1925 trial was so important, and how it has been so mistreated.
Overview of Christian Evidences #2 Electronic Edition
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