The Church of the Bible: Examining the First Church

This glossy, two-fold, three-hole-punched, 8 1/2 x 11 chart provides the Biblical perspective on the church, showing the non-Biblical danger of denominationalism. The chart also deals with the prophecies concerning, the preparation for, and the establishment of the church. The chart defends the use of the Bible alone as guide in religious matters and shows the means the Bible teaches for salvation. The Biblical view of the relationship of grace, faith, and works, of the Godhead, of leadership in the church, and of the worship of the church is all logically laid out. The chart also speaks of the Scriptural names for the church and the mission of the church. The chart concerns itself with the possibility of being united spiritually and with attending the church of Jesus’ choice. The chart also provides a list of criteria by which one may know whether the church of which he is a member is or is not the church of the Bible. This chart is suitable for use by itself as a Bible class study or it may be broken down and preached; this chart is also an excellent tool for home Bible studies. The chart may be especially useful as part of visitation programs and campaigns.
The Church of the Bible:  Examining the First Church
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