Overview of Christian Evidences #1 Electronic Edition

This electronic edition chart serves as a handy introduction to the field of apologetics in PDF format. It focuses upon the battle between doctrines regarding creation and evolution. The chart begins by showing what true science really is, providing some of the fundamental differences between the doctrines of creation and evolution, and giving some of the assumptions of atheism. Attention is also given to seeing why some accept evolution. The chart deals with whether Genesis 1-11 is to be taken literally. The classical arguments for the existence of God are introduced along with questions for evolutionists and arguments against the ?Big Bang.? Attention is given to Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge?s doctrine of ?Punctuated Equilibrium? as well as Ernst Haeckel?s hoax and racism. The chart will also address the question of whether or not adaptation is evolution. One of the great benefits of the chart is its definition of terms used in the debate over what is often called ?Christian evidences.? Finally, God is allowed to speak for Himself as Bible passages relative to the study are introduced.
Overview of Christian Evidences #1 Electronic Edition
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